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once upon a time there was a young band that i enjoyed, the guys were nice bright on musicians who wrote good songs, i liked them so much that i offered my lack of managerial skills to them. i think 3 out of 5 voted yes for me which shows the pitfalls of democracy in action.
so their first cd sold a reasonable amount of copies & garnered good reviews, like kudos and all that. their next cd was 1/2 & 1/2.
1/2 good and 1/2 what the hell stink.
so i asked about the 1/2 what the hell stink. they said, "we needed filler."
so i said, "when you go to a diner do you order scraps & grease drippings"?
as a musician you don't want to give your audience stinky scraps. give them a tuneup of great playing, wonderful vocals, beats that move their feets, smiles for their brains, sex for their imaginations,  nothing else will do.
remember your music, perfected for the angels and/or devils ears, can take you all over the world and having people talk about you as if your some kind of demi-god.
so [...]
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Posted on February 23, 2011 with 0 comments
When DEREK SIVERS STRUCK OUT and left the bases loaded....i know derek sivers, founder of is probably the most beloved music biz person on the planet & for good reason. derek made things simple for musicians to sell their cds and later, sell their music digitally at a very good price, a very fair money deal for musicians and superior service to both music buyer & music maker.
mr.sivers did a superb job with cdbaby, so good that he sold it for $22,000,000 via the charitable trust he created, that saved $5 million from going to the feds/irs. derek knows biz and when he dies the fortune will go to educate musicians, meanwhile he'll get 5% of whatever it produces (if i'm understanding that correctly). after derek dies he won't get any of the money.
what bases (3 big opportunities) did derek miss?
first base * derek stood at the plate, not knowing where he was, a fat meaty fastball came right down the middle and he stood there daydreaming that he was riding [...]
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that's right, the right person can make it alright for you. just like the right spouse can give you a lifetime of joy.
one right person in my life was jerry love who i met at the new music seminar in nyc about 20 years ago. he was the moderator for the publisher's panel and the audience was invited to ask questions. i made a statement, "i'm putting out a compilation cd and i don't know what i'm doing. can someone help me?"
mr. love gave me his card. A & R  director for famous music, a publishing unit of PARAMOUNT.
mr. love became my mentor, i could call and ask questions, i could send in demos for mapps members, mr. love hosted my showcases at the cat club & kenny's castaways in nyc.
jerry love signed the band iwas managing, he gave them a good advance of money. a wonderful songwriter i was working for came real close to getting a deal, but the songwriter was "stupid", he wouldn't tweak his [...]
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Posted on March 17, 2010 with 47 comments
music being buds & flowers
we are working hard to get this music conference into a tuned organization that will help you with your music journey. the mentors and panelists are all good & helpful music biz people with sound track records of acheivement. the banana factory is a beautiful building, all kinds of art & music happen here, made by children to seniors to skateboarders, etc.
much to do and 30 days to go. please join our email list, it's says JOIN in the top right hand part of the home page. we can send you updates and helpful info.
use the guestbook and say who you are & what you do.
suggestions are welcome. thanks, ian bruce

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