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America's United Musicians

A New Approach

Audition for our cooperative, pass the audition and get the help you need to promote your music to media, radio & the internet.

To audition please send in a website link, ReverbNation or other link & tell us what your 3 best songs are. Send to


If you have the music that works for us then we will WORK for you. Doing the work that needs to be done.

Cost to You $100 membership for one year, gives you 100 phone calls &/or emails and up to $500 to be billed credit.

  We will promote your recordings to college & community radio stations &/or get you reviewed. The cost is based on your marketing needs & your budget.


1. We provide you with 10 to 200 radio station current contacts & mailing address. YOU mail your CD along with a radio one-sheet to the stations and tell us if you sent it first class or media rate and when.

2.  We call the radio stations or email when requested to by the radio station. We send you a record of our calls and/or emails and feedback from the station. If we get positive feedback we ask for a quote on your music/band, tips for getting gigs at the college and venues in the area.

3. For every call or email that we make on your behalf we deduct  $1 from your starting balance of $100. You are charge just one dollar even when we are waiting on hold for 25 minutes or longer. If you are not familiar with calling radio stations for feedback, most responsive stations have a music call day with a time frame for calls to be taken. For example WVIA is Tuesday at 10pm. KALX is Monday noon to 2pm.

 4. When your account balance is zero we will ask you if you want us to continue and if so we will give you 30 day billing up to $500.